Solar System

Thermosyphonic Water Heaters

40 - 80 Gallons

  1. Solar Panel Integration: The Solar System includes high-quality solar panels that capture and convert solar energy into heat. These panels are designed to be highly efficient, even in various weather conditions.

  2. Energy Savings: By utilizing solar energy, this system significantly reduces the reliance on traditional energy sources, resulting in lower electricity or gas consumption and substantial cost savings on utility bills.

  3. Eco-Friendly Operation: The Solar System is a green and sustainable solution, as it reduces carbon emissions and minimizes the environmental impact associated with conventional water heating methods.

  4. Backup Heating: The system often includes a backup heating element, ensuring a continuous hot water supply even on cloudy days or during high-demand periods.

  5. Efficient Heat Transfer: The Solar System is engineered for efficient heat transfer from the solar panels to the water storage tank, allowing for rapid and consistent water heating.

  6. Smart Controls: Many systems incorporate smart controls and temperature regulation to ensure hot water is readily available at the desired temperature.

Forced Circulation Water Heaters

150 - 2640 Gallons

  1. Backup Heating Element
  2. U-Tube Heat Exchanger
  3. Servicing Manhole
  4. Magnesium Anode
  5. Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
  6. Air Vent valve
  7. Expansion Vessel
  8. Circulation Pump
  9. Solar Sensor
  10. Isolating Valve